What is Intimacy Coaching?

I guide singles and couples to untangle feelings of unworthiness, shame, and invisibility to connect with their power, confidence and own unique flavor!

I hold exquisite space for clients to open up and access their authentic pleasure and truth.

I design classes and events that invite openness, revelations, deep learning, and FUN!

I support others to integrate vitality into all aspects of their lives, one step at a time.

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Erotic Tales: Hurt So Good

Join us Saturday June 12 for a combination of writers and performers who want to share a glimpse of what fantasy can create! Get ready for some fun! Reserve your ticket today for solo or group, all in the comfort of where you are.

I Know

There is a man I know... His love towards me soothes my soul and ignites my mind. His attention feels like a blanket of golden rain engulfing me. His long, lean and strong body stirs something deep inside me.  When he is hurting and flinches, I know patience is a...

Sharing Fantasy

Imagine a quiet, leisurely afternoon nap and you’re drifting dreamily in and out of slumber.  And you conjure up the scene that lingers in the back of your mind.  It’s sexy, hot and you wonder if this could ever happen in real life.  Or you’re riding in...

Erotic Fantasies

The Brain Trapped We are all born with an amazing ability to imagine.  It is why big purple dinosaurs, talking animals, and magical schools for wizards exist and attract young audiences.  Yet, somewhere along the way, a pruning occurs and much of...

The Pleasure of Touch

With the extended “shelter in place” and limited physical touch with others, many are facing a monumental issue of touch deprivation.  The side effects are many, including depression, agitation, aggression, loneliness.  When we lack connection with...

10 Tips to Find Happy During a Quarantine

Humans need intimacy! We live and thrive with connection to each other. Yet, many of the current precautions are isolating us from this connection to help contain the novel coronavirus. It’s equally important for each of us to consciously be aware of what we need and...

Coaching Handprints: Becoming an Intimacy Coach

Prelude It was a cold dark evening in January when we were ushered into the large venue.  My anticipation was very high even though this would be the 4th time to see the production of “Wicked.”  My awareness of sound was super keen, noticing people’s voices,...

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