I swam in the pool on Tuesday morning.

Sounds fairly normal, right?

It was an exercise in visualization that I learned in real time! I had listened to a podcast by David Neagle the previous evening. In this edition, The Power of Visualization, he narrated how he held a vision of returning to his home in Chicago amidst a snow storm. He held strong through many people with very loud voices, assuring him that he would not make it home that evening. And, guess what? He did. Of course, he did.

I gave quite a bit of thought about this so-called power as I finished a gardening project, prepared for sleep, and even experienced fitful sleep due to a pounding headache. Wondering how this all comes together? Let me tell you! Because, just like me listening to David, maybe you have a bit of doubt creeping in.

See, I was listening to the podcast and gardening because I was skipping my swimming workout that evening. Avoidance in action! My coach had scheduled an 1800-yard swim workout and I had complained, telling him that I felt defeated before I ever started because I have never swam more than 1000 yards ever. His response? “I wouldn’t challenge you if I didn’t think you could do it.” Ughhh.

I woke up with the acceptance that I needed to see a doctor for a sinus infection that was kicking me. I put on my swim suit thinking I would go to the gym first, and only if there was time, would I go back to the doctor. Honestly, I didn’t like either of these choices.

  • The first clue was when I missed the exit for the gym and the next exit lead me to the doctor’s office. So I imagined just checking to see what the hours were and then going back to swim. I WOULD SWIM.
  • I was there within 30 minutes of the office opening with a coffee just across the parking lot. Sure, why not? I got my coffee, answered emails and saw the doctor. Still in my swim suit and shorts, I renewed my promise to myself: I WOULD SWIM TODAY.
  • Driving back, the exit going to the gym was closed! And my first thought was about not making it to the gym because I had wasted so much time. My very next thought: I WOULD SWIM TODAY.
  • Finding an alternate route to the gym, I began to bargain myself out of the yardage because I had sabotaged the time. My very next, deliberate thought: I WAS GOING TO GET IN THE POOL TODAY!
  • Finally arriving at the pool, 2 hours later than expected, I found thoughts of “you are not hydrated enough” or “you haven’t eaten enough to do this workout” and now I began to see the parallel to my podcast story! Next thought, with renewed gusto: I AM GETTING IN THE POOL TODAY!
  • As I walked past the front desk, a stray thought popped up that maybe the water aerobics class was already started because it is later and you cant get….interrupted that thought with: KEEP WALKING TOWARDS THE POOL FOR YOUR SWIM.
  • Now, this was beginning to be predictable and a bit funny! Standing in the locker room, getting my fins and goggles out, the thought tried to squeeze in, “maybe they are cleaning the…” and I interjected with: KEEP WALKING TOWARDS THE POOL.
  • It was now a game and I was gaining power! I turned the corner to enter the pool area, and even then, I found myself wanting to be slightly surprised that the pool was available! I replaced it with: OF COURSE IT IS AVAILABLE, BECA– USE YOU ARE SWIMMING TODAY!
  • There are 3 lanes and there were 3 people there already. Here was a shift for me! Instead of waiting and quietly stretching and trying to give looks for people to invite me to share the lane, I walked right up and asked someone if I could share the lane. And I already knew the answer was yes, because …. I WAS GOING TO SWIM!

I swam in the pool on Tuesday morning.

I also swam 1025 yards, breaking that barrier as well.

Yes, coach, I am on my way to that 1800-yard mark!

Where in your life could you use the power of visualization?What else is possible when you really believe in what you want?

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