Tantric Touch Session


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One of the most profound components of a tantric touch session is commitment to the process and letting go of attachment to a goal or outcome.

In other words, learning to relish and hold in a human body, the depth and breadth of pleasure beyond an orgasm or ejaculation.

Learning these techniques can be a demonstration of “tantric sex” in one of its many forms! From this place, one can create hours of pleasure.

The benefits of mindful touch are many, such as:
Increased blood flow
Reduced cortisol, a stress hormone
Increased oxytocin, hormone that creates a warm feeling
Improved immune function
Increased focus and productivity
Connection to sexual energy in a safe container
Improved presence with heightened energy movement
Increased self confidence
This learning experience is for you:
You desire connection with a partner
You are deeply curious about how physical touch can be an emotional and spiritual experience
You are open to being either a giver or a receiver during the exchange of sexual energy.
As partners, you are open to expanding your definition of S-E-X
You are willing to play with all human senses
You enjoy being guided with suggestions and questions
This experience might not be for you:
If you are stuck in a performance mindset about your sex
If you judge sexual experiences by an outcome or goal of genital orgasm
If the idea of only giving or receiving during a sexual connection of any length feels impossible
If it is impossible to consider a different perspective.
If you cannot hold the safety in a container of no genital stimulation or sexual penetration during the session.
Are you ready to exponentially grow your sexual relationship?!
Are you prepared to explore sensual connection through either giving or receiving?
Are you tired of dreading “sex night” because it is always the same old routine?
What you receive:
Exquisite attention from an Intimacy Coach for a 60-minute conversation before the experiential learning.
Guidance on curating your own space for the learning.
Zoom session of 90 minutes, with Kim guiding and teaching as you embrace new techniques and tools for tantric touch with your partner.
Grounding exercises and conversation at the close of the session.
Closing email with suggestions for next steps.