Do you have spaces, times and places in our lives designed for the purpose of feeling spiritual? Are these protected and honored?  One of my favorite meditations by Sarah Blondin is “Making Your Life Sacred.” She asks the listener to explore creating sacred space in every part of our lives.

Past Experiences

When I think back on my life, even before I could name this as sacred, I had these spaces.  In our first apartment, there was a corner on the couch when I would have my cup of tea in the morning with a book before my day got busy. This routine trained my physical and mental being to go into work with a positive, relaxed frame of mind. 

There are so many memories of the glider rocking chair positioned by the upstairs window in the nursery room.  I learned early in the role of mother, that this quiet space was vital! I learned how to nurse a baby, calmed one who was distraught or sick, or read and sang with my dear little ones.  Years later, that same chair provided the tranquil peace as I sat to rest and recover from the breast cancer. I journaled my way through the myriad of emotions.  

One of the more playful sacred spaces was when my daughters and I would decide to have a tea party!  We would plan the treats, prepare the tea and snacks together in the large open kitchen. Sometimes the physical space was at the table, complete with the dishes from the set, cloth napkins, etc.  Sometimes, we packed it up and took it to a park or to the arboretum.  And other times, it was in the middle of the floor, with a large blanket holding our space.  

Present Experiences

It is fascinating to see how my present experiences continue to create this space that is cherished, revered and dedicated for more connection to my spiritual being.  

I spend time in my car each week going to events, appointments, and meetings.  I set up the experience of driving with the intention of either silence, music, or a podcast.  The choice depends on my mood.   I have begun to not eat in the car if at all possible because it takes away from the awareness and presence with food.  Keeping cool drinking water and using essential oil on the floor mat or a napkin is a great addition!

I also hold tantric pujas each month that are designed to create a safe space for people to explore their sexuality and the energy, emotions and feelings that come with it.  It is offered in a sacred space through the intention and attention that I set ahead of the event.  The flowers, candles, food, napkins, oils, music, clothing are all chosen to match the feeling and energy of the event. No two events are ever the same!  Because the pujas are focused on sensuality, there is a part of sight, taste, feel, smell and sound at each event.  

Participants are asked to bring a sacred nest to the events.  A nest is a space where they will move up and down from the floor to participate in the different exercises.  This same level of attention can be so beneficial when considering what feels good for support in cushions and pillows, blankets, colors, smells.  I even ask the participants to put attention on the clothing they will wear, so that it is comfortable and something that makes them feel good in their own body.  

Here’s a quick summary and guide for creating your own sacred space.

Spiritual – calling a connection to a higher power. 
Cherished – set apart, different from everyday, and treasured.

Revered – respect and honor for self in a space.

Dedicated – having a flavor of ritual, creating a connection.

If this intrigues you, or even reminds you of how you want more of this in your world, reach out!  

Want something more?  Wondering how to create this with self, a friend, a child or a lover?  Tantric lifestyle coaching is exactly this!  It is a way of noticing and discovering wonderful ways to create connection, removing the beliefs and blocks that keep you from the depth of intimacy and connection that you desire in your life.

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