First Step: Replacing Fear

False Evidence Appearing Real:  FEAR.

Truth Augmenting Growth:  TAG

What is your TAG? 

How can others see you?  

Find you?  

I recently started private swim lessons because I “was afraid of the water.” To discover and live in a place of abundance, I start by changing my language, my thought process, in order to change my ability to swim in water.  My TAG as I finished my first triathlon was “I am a swimmer!”

My truth today looks very different from 4 months ago!  And my affirmation provides a place for me to augment my growth, to become a swimmer in a different place, at a different level.

 CP Consulting launches an intuitive coaching service with the purpose of providing support for others to find their truth, passion, healing and desire.  

Consider desire-based life coaching as a tool to find your abundance!  

Find your TAG!  

How do you want to  be seen?  

How do you want to grow?  

How do you want to change your life and live in the abundance that is available to you?  

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