She is reflecting intimacy. In this moment, time is irrelevant.  The ability to see and hear IS intimacy. 

Anticipation of the Meeting

I clicked on the all too familiar link that would transport my voice and video image across the world.  I waited with this giddy bubbling excitement in my body!  

Time seems irrelevant.  I would have to really look to see how long she has been gone or even the last time I saw her.  Then there is the time difference.  I don’t really care.  When we plan a time to connect, it just happens.  As if the hours and miles dissolve and there we are.  

In those few moments of waiting, I watch the movie reel of some relationship moments in my mind.  

Relationship Beginnings

We met over an evening of authentic relating games.  I vividly remember the intrigue of “new people” attending the event.  There was a hint of boldness as she and her partner answered prompts.  As the evening progressed, I became acutely aware of a deeper curiosity.  She had an untamed openness that oozed out of her soul.  We had coffee shortly after that evening.  

Next Steps of Relating and Reflecting Intimacy

We traveled through a more formal relationship phase.  This allowed more of the pieces of the puzzle to come into placement.  I loved her mind and intellect!  The way she would suddenly be alive when she talked about something she loved was intoxicating.  I learned to be her mirror, showing her pieces of herself as reflected through me.  

We deepened our connection, developing our friendship beyond that of mere acquaintances.  We shared fears, dreams, frustrations, successes. We shared our motherhood journeys and all the joys and challenges that children bring.  I remember when she mapped out a maze in a neighborhood and we walked in, sat under a tree and solved the world’s problems (really just ours, but it felt really important!) Then we walked back out with new perspectives and another layer of connection. 

Our lives and families continue to move forward.  The path is curvy and sometimes surprising.  And now we are so far apart that my day is her night and vice versa.  Yet, this is one of those relationships where we can pick up right at the point of connection.  It is as if we were never apart, just different adventures to share.

Intimacy Through the Screen

And then the ding sounds and I can see her face.  She is smiling and looking at me!   We unmute and I can hear her voice again!  In this moment, time is irrelevant.  The ability to see and hear IS intimacy.  We share our latest adventures, dreams and, of course, the updates of our children.  Time passes in a way that I can’t describe.  As we begin to close our conversation, she shares a reflection back to me.  

“When you talk about your work now, there is a light.  It is reminiscent of the time you reflected my purpose back to me.” 

Until next time, my Dear One. 

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