I remember my mom encouraging me to raise my head, walk tall, look up!  I remember preparing for performances and looking out over a dark audience.  I remember the first rides on a racing bike and my partner yelling from behind me to look up to avoid hitting pole markers.

And, I remember walking into an immersion, learning space for personal transformation and realizing that I must raise my head and my vision in order to connect and do the activities. I’m not sure when I learned it, but I walk with my head down, my gaze towards the floor.  I learned that this is perceived as distant, aloof, cold, disinterested and not trustworthy.  More importantly, I was not showing up with others as the person I knew I wanted to be!

Play differently!

So I began to notice.  I noticed when I stay on the perimeter of the room in order to not have to play the games with as much risk. I noticed how I glance up to meet someone’s gaze, but that I do not raise my vision, and my head in order to fully receive and be met by another human being.  I noticed how I do most of my running with my head only focused high enough in front of me to be able to make the next turn. Even in the pool for swimming workouts, I kept my eyes closed or only looking straight down to the bottom.

Then, I began to experiment and play with this habitual response of mine, because I wanted to change it.  I found out that if I mingled with the rest of the class, I felt more alive, more connected.  I noticed that if I kept my head in the same place and only raised my eyes and had my vision slightly more forward, how much quicker I was able to eat up the distance in the pool.

Here is a great example: the picture that has the Stop sign in it.  and the other picture…were taken by me, with the same phone, at the same time of day, in the same spot.  The only difference is the angle of my phone, which creates a totally different sense, right?  I was amazed at how much more expansive the second picture makes me feel!

So in real, everyday life, how does this show up?  For me, when I let my mind fall into the rut of no control, no choice, no power, I feel slower, lower and boxed.  I am experimenting with making a conscious choice to have a different response!  For example, I can be grateful for the sleep in the night when I wake up. I can see the proverbial glass half-full.  I can soar with eagles! I find myself more confident as the day wears onward and I have choice as to how I want to express myself.

And I am fondly reminded of my mom’s comment: Why do you want to stoop down and play with the turkeys when you could soar with the eagles!

So how will you see the proverbial glass: full of possibilities or half empty?

This is a rich spot for personal coaching, as each one of us are different!  If you want to explore this place more, please complete the consult form at www.euphoriabydesign.com and we can find a time for this free game-changing attention!


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