Living with my desire is a huge shift in purpose!  Desire was not the first thing I would usually consider.  And now, on a regular basis, I take into account what more I want to have and do in my life.


In the beginning, I believed that it had to do only with sexual desires.  This progressed to listing tangible items like chocolate or money.  And, yes, that has been my list many times! Next, was the dreamy concept list of world peace and to be a millionaire.Recently, my desires have become easier to flesh out, easier to vision.  Yet, I still viewed them as something in the future, something I didn’t have now.


On a slow, gorgeous afternoon run around a lake in northern California, the realization hit me!  I am actually living in the current journey of my desires!  It was such a powerful image! I actually stopped to take it in, to catch my breath and revel in what I had created.

On this warm afternoon, a sense of peacefulness seeped into my bones, my heart opened ever so slowly, and a smile curled from my mouth.  It was as if someone had taken off the blinders!  Usually, my vision is fairly straightforward.  Yet, this afternoon, I began to see a wider frame.

I saw the poignancy of the homeless tent village underneath a bridge.

With a familiar tug at my jogging feet, I used the dirt path made just for people like me!

Next, I saw the rugged beauty of old twisted tree trunks which were the remnants of life from a previous time.

And there was the tenderness of an adult male sitting across from an elderly man, taking the time and conversing.

The beauty of all sorts of flowers in their differing shapes, colors and landscaping design were stunning and gorgeous.


As I ran away from the lake and began to tackle the hills, I saw the quaint side streets that begged to tell a story.

I saw houses that portrayed rich character and were all different pieces of a neighborhood puzzle.  It reminded me of similar views from running in Paris and Rome last fall.

With a beckoning call, the hills reminded me of the different weekends in training last summer in Los Angeles.

And the smell of the lake reminded me of running in the rural settings in Arkansas just a month ago.

Wow!  Did I just weave together running in different parts of the world?  I have wanted to travel! I love running! The urge to run faster, harder, longer was replaced with the slow, steady pitter-patter of my feet, and I stopped.  I stopped to stretch, to take pictures, to ponder, and to breathe.  The familiar phrase, “remember to stop and smell the roses” takes on a new meaning for me.

Desire is happening.

It is not a single destination.

It is a way of living.

What is your desire?

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