I Know


There is a man I know…

His love towards me soothes my soul and ignites my mind.

His attention feels like a blanket of golden rain engulfing me.

His long, lean and strong body stirs something deep inside me. 

When he is hurting and flinches, I know patience is a part of loving too. 

When he touches my head with the palm of his hand, I feel centered and loved. 

With dark focused eyes, his words of truth sometimes sting with the vulnerable truth. 

Gazing into his eyes,  i am reminded of how good it feels to allow another to see me fully.

When he pulls me into his body and I know what desire is and how I participate for my own pleasure.

His full laughter from a different part of the house brings a smile, reminding me that life is to be enjoyed. 

When I reach for him, I know his touch and it seeps into me as I take long sips and tastes to feed my hunger. 

When he embraces me I know his scent and it infiltrates me and I take long deep breaths to bring him into me. 

When his voice softens as he speaks of his mother, I remember how much I love being a mom to my daughters. 

When he is a YES to my desire, it creates more YES to more for me…and him…and us. 

I know a man….
made from my dreams.

I know a man…
that I want to know more. 

I know a man…
that I love. 

2 Replies to “I Know”

  • Beautiful! Lately, probably for a lot longer than I realize, I have had this void. I know it exsists in the part of me that finds me in constant search for my soulmate, my lover…..my perfect someone. As I read your entry I was able to put words to what my soul seeks. My ego gets in the way and tells me that I don’t know what I want. It tells me I want to much and desearve little. I know better but my ego is loud. It’s not until I gain insight somewhere as to what my soul seeks. I call it the “knowing”. You just know when you know. The peace is calming and comes from a deeper part of me. I’m so far away from putting all these pieces inside me together and I’m so desperate to know my truth and find that peace. I know that I’m all that stands in the way, yet can’t seem to get a grasp on direction. Your entry allowed me to define my desire. My soul also let me know that I must find what I desire in myself first. I can not ask another to give me something I can not ask of or provide for myself.

  • Poetic, gorgeous, and full. I felt softening within my body, a yearning for the touch of my own man and the knowing of the love for which you speak. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart and soul.

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