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Healing Doesn’t Happen by Accident.
It Happens by Design.

You’ve finally reached the point in your cancer journey where you can “ring the bell” or complete whatever treatment was prescribed.

Everyone is ready for everything to return to the way things were, before cancer.

Perhaps relationships have changed to the point where that is no longer an option.

Either way, you’ve come to the inescapable conclusion: You are not and never will be the same person you were before cancer.

Survivorship doesn’t mean that things go back to the way that they were. It means that you now have a new and completely different challenge that requires a completely new set of skills. Redesigning life for this new person, you.

The Healing By Design program is designed to give connection and communication skills needed to rediscover love, relationship, and connection with yourself and those around you.

“Kim’s coaching transformed my ability to express myself and honor my needs. For the first time, I felt genuine self-love, thanks to her guidance.

I learned to prioritize myself. Her attentive listening, thoughtful responses, and unwavering support helped me achieve my goals. Kim’s coaching propelled my growth beyond what I thought possible. Through her guidance, I’ve learned to listen to my inner wisdom and take decisive action.”

Julie C.

About This Course

 What You’ll Learn

  1. Communal Safe Space: Learning about your own safety with self and others is crucial.  This is one of Kim’s super powers!
  2. Feelings to Embodied: Finding the raw feelings and the approval for them! Learning to feel back into your body and allowing all to be present in your system, noticing, moving and alchemizing.
  3. Desires, Fears, Boundaries: Learning this foundational tool as it specifically applies to a journey with cancer. Learning how these may have shifted during diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Communication in Sensation:  Feelings, sensations, are often labelled with judgement.  Learning to notice simply as high or low activations of our senses gives way to effective, connected communication.
  5. Empowerment to Creation: Learn to stay true to yourself when in connection with others so you can build new, healthy relationships that serve everyone.
  6. Integration: taking all of the tools and learnings and applying to current self and relationships.  Witnessing and being witnessed by others in the course gives the example of intimacy in a non-sexual, non threatening manner.

..What You’ll Get

  • 6 one-hour group coaching + calls over zoom.
  • Focused attention from Kim as your intimacy specialist.
  • Bond with a small group of like-minded women (max 20 people)
  • One-on-one support via message from Kim between sessions.
  • Weekly at-home practice exercises to integrate teachings into daily life.
  • Circle platform membership for connecting, accessing documents, and small group discussions.
  • Bonus: 1 week follow up individually with Kim to support and/or guide to next steps.

“Kim is perfect for reminding women how to feel their way back into their body!  Illness and cancer can make us so scared. Kim is masterful at guiding others to embodied safety and pleasure.  Her personal experience on both ends of that spectrum gives her a unique empathetic lens.” 

Elixah M.

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Why Learn From Me?

  • I’ve been there! I was married for 23 years, with children, pets, garden and fence 🙂 I know what marriage feels like when it’s good and I know what it feels like when it’s complete. It is the emptiness that drove me to learning how to create a different avenue for women.
  • I have training in human sexuality, Kundalini Yoga, Life Coaching, and emotional intelligence work.
  • I am a bonafide Scorpio with the range to experience and support anything you bring to the table.
  • I’ve held a women’s support group since 2016. 
  • I’m a contributing author in the book “She’s The Ish: This is My Superpower!”
  • My style is rooted in asking questions…the kind that makes you want to open up with the proverbial “oh sugar” reaction!
  • I continuously work on staying in unconditional love so you can be 100% YOU with no judgement from me.
  • A strict religious upbringing with a lot of shame + confusion around pleasure gives me the ability to support others in their intimate relationships.
  • I solve most of life’s big hairy issues with my running shoes on and clocking miles and raising funds for breast cancer.
  • I have two adult daughters and a beautiful relationship with them was possible after I did my own healing work.  
  • For fun…I’m a self-proclaimed cat whisperer!
  • I LOVE what I do! You will feel my excitement and it’s contagious!

“I experienced a profound honoring ceremony that exceeded my expectations. Surrounded by empowered women, I felt a magical uplift from loneliness to pure joy and connection. Kim’s dedication to creating a safe and empowering environment for women, rooted in years of coaching and leadership, fosters a deep sisterhood.

As a survivor of sexual assault, this space allowed me to reclaim intimacy and feel deeply touched, honored, and seen. It’s a journey of healing, but with Kim and my sisterhood tribe, I know I’m always embraced in a circle of safety and growth.”

Dr. Amal S.

“Kim has empowered me to embrace my YES and NO with my own body and it has been a game changer in my relationships!

She carries a presence and holds space where I feel safe to show up fully as my messy, honest, human self; and that freedom + Kim’s support, is when the magic happens ✨.”

Rebecca R.


What’s the “homework” between sessions?
It is not about being “busy” but more about integration and discovery and usually consists of practice, writing, movement and reading.

What’s the time commitment like?
The course is 6 weeks with 1 hour weekly live Zoom calls every week and this is the priority of the time commitment. The take-away “homework” practices will take 15-30 mins/day.

What happens if I miss a session?
Live sessions will be recorded and available until the next session.

What does a typical live call look like?

  • Discussion & exercises in large and small breakout rooms.
  • Journaling to writing prompts
  • Time to ask questions + share your experience
  • Guided practices in relaxation, guided imagery, breathwork, and body awareness
  • Practice exercises in communication

What if I feel uncomfortable?
Part of being inside a container, or agreement, for any event, provides safety. We talk about red/yellow/green and what those markers mean for individuals. I will support you in finding your choices at each level. A bit of discomfort does not necessarily equate to unsafe.

What if I’m nervous or uncomfortable and it doesn’t feel safe?
As your holder, teacher and guide, I’ll help you find what choices feel right for you and navigate back to safety when you need it. This course will stretch your comfort zone, but a bit of discomfort doesn’t necessarily equate to unsafe. You always have a choice and will never be forced to do something you don’t want to do.

Do I have to have a partner?
No. You’ll always have the option of doing the work on your own.

Start your healing by design, today!

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