A late evening and I look around, scanning the room from my chair, and I feel grateful for all that I see!

Let Me Count The Ways

I scan the room, dimly lit with lamps which are much more soothing than the overhead lighting.  I appreciate my friend who helped teach me about how lights affect our body.

Soft, ambient, soothing music is playing on a huge television mounted to the wall.  I am grateful for the friend who donated the 60” television and for his friend who mounted it for us.  I love the way that music of any kind can fit into any part of my day and connect me back to my soul.

There are two young kittens sleeping next to each other in the chair next to me and I am grateful for rescue agencies who save lives and for my dear friend who introduced me to the world or animal rescue.  I remember and am grateful for my childhood experiences of working and playing with many animals, to remind me that all life is precious.  In addition to this, I appreciate the online garage sale that lead me to the gorgeous IKEA chairs that 3 years later, still find a place that perfectly matches the place where I live.

I see the basket of clean, unfolded laundry that has been parked in that place on the couch for days and I am grateful for having enough clothes that I can still be dressed!  And I love the fact that my partner hunts for clean socks with no judgement.

Next, there are two bikes, his and hers, placed as furniture in our living space.  I am grateful for the new bike to further my work, learning and enjoyment around triathlons.  The approval to accept them as permanent fixtures in our home is appreciated!

The Scan Continues…

Through the doorway, into the front room,  I see a keyboard that was gifted to me to borrow until I am able to find one for me.  I am grateful for the generosity of others and for the way that playing a piano feeds my soul.

I see the drying rack with an assortment of heart rate monitors, running caps and stinky workout clothing. There is immense gratefulness for the ability to have this within easy reach, rather than hiding it and searching for it each time.

I see the gorgeous granite countertops in the kitchen and I am grateful for how easy it is to clean!   and I smile as I notice the his and hers mixers for shakes.  I am grateful for how it is absolutely ok to have a strong opinion about a mixer! In addition, I am also grateful to my dad for gifting this mixer to me!

An Attitude of Being Grateful

Brene Brown says, “we hold the key to lasting happiness in our own hands. For it is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes of joyful.”  One of the certain ways to make this shift is to PRACTICE gratitude.  Having an active practice of being grateful is an amazing tool in the consciousness toolbox!


For this evening, I leave you with my view of joy.  Previously, I would have gone to sleep knowing that the evening was peaceful and happy.  Yet, peacefulness may not be there tomorrow.   Through the practice of naming my gratitudes, I can have more connection to joy, regardless of what is happening at the moment.

Did I mention?  I am grateful for my practice of tantra, that trains me to be present.  Presence in any moment, and awareness to name my gratitude.  It is a great way to go through this life!

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