Tantric Learning Circle September 10, 2022

Discover pathways to allow more joy, pleasure, and ecstasy in your body and life.

Event Details

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Curious about using tantric principles in your life and relationships?

About this event

Join us for a gathering filled with connection and discovery!

The Tantric Learning Circle will provide a safe space for anyone, partnered or single, to join for discovering new ways to connect and relate to ourselves and each other!

Basic tantric principles include slowing down, using exquisite attention and awareness, and honoring the connection between humans. In a learning setting, you can practice with a friend, with new friends, with partners, or all of these!

The event opens and closes with a circle of sharing. Then the group is guided through exercises and experiences with time to practice. The most important part of the event is learning how to make offers and requests, with clear agreements. The goals are to expand our ability to give and receive, creating an open-hearted space with blissful, ecstatic and joy-filled energy!

At the core of sacred sexuality is unconditional love for humankind and harnessing the healing power of our sexual energy. This can be done regardless of orientation, gender or number of participants and is separate from sexual acts.

These learning events are clothed, honoring and safe.

Exercises could include:

– Breathwork
– Heart connection
– Guided meditation
– Eye/soul gazing
– Partnered movement exercises
– Dyads/Inquiries
– Sound activation- Loving touch
– Energetic expansion