Erotic Tales: Anticipation!

Erotic Tales is a curated program of adult imagination shared through tales of fantasy. Join an enticing collection of writers and performers who want to share a glimpse of what fantasy can create! Get ready for some fun!

Event Details

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Erotic Tales Anticipation

Erotic Tales is a curated program of adult imagination shared through tales of fantasy. Join an enticing collection of writers and performers who want to share a glimpse of what fantasy can create! Get ready for some fun!

You can participate solo or with a group, right from the comfort of your own space!

Fantasy is not about what happened, or what might happen, but what arises from the imagination when one is free of judgement, shame, and opinion. From this place of unrestrained thoughts, making informed, consensual choices is more clear.

These Erotic Tales are shared with approval by the authors, and what turns on one person, may or may not be the same for another person. Yet, we learn to honor each other in our own enjoyment and imagination.

This event brings you an incredibly intermission interview with David L. Jones and Sophia Sky ! You don’t want to miss out! Sara’s Secret sponsors Erotic Tales with gift cards for the performers as well as a gift for one lucky audience member.

Sara's Secret

Grab your ticket soon! You can get into your pj’s or sexy evening wear, and enjoy the bedtime stories.

Great sex starts in your brain!

Hear and watch someone tell a really sexy story that they’ve imagined or created in their mind.

You’ll be anonymous + can share in the chat if you’d like.

Play with new possibilities.

Get your imagination flowing with new ideas to try with your partner.

Perfect for a sexy date night or a solo night with a glass of wine!

You’ll get to see the live person doing the live reading + make comments in the chat box.

Is it real? Or is it imagined? What if it WAS real – would I do this?

Your ticket to Erotic Tales includes exclusive access to . . .

Watch 4 Erotic storytelling performances

Intermission Interview:

– David L Jones – born in Wheatcroft, Kentucky, in 1955. He is a product of the turbulent 50’s and 60’s in the rural southern United States. After the death of his parents, he relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana where he lived with his sister and was introduced to poetry during his high school years. At this time, he began to discover the intricacies of interpersonal and interracial relationships which would influence his writings for years to come. He has been named Master of Erotic Arts for Seattle Erotic Arts Festival for 2021 and is a chicken farmer.

David as a poet and chicken farmer

– Sophia Sky identifies as a shenaniganarian and uses she/her pronouns. Sophia has been a collaborator and muse with David Jones for many years. She is the Executive Director of the Pan Eros Foundation, producing the internationally renown Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Pan Eros is working to change the world’s ideas about sexuality through the arts and education. For more information about the Pan Eros Foundation, visit

David and Sky Interview

Quiz Contest to Win Fun, Sexy Prize from Sara’s Secret

What you’ll experience . . .

Listen to sultry, flirtatious performers divulge their secret fantasies

Get turned on by couples flirting as they share stories together

Play with new possibilities + unleash your imagination

Get ideas of sexy things to try alone or with a partner


Will I be on camera?

No, you won’t be visible. The show is set up to see the performers + host and the audience does not have cameras. However, you will be able to interact with others and give encouragement to the performers in the chat box.

Will people be able to see me / see my name?

You’re in control of how your name + zoom profile “image” appear. If you want to change you name or picture, make sure to do so in the zoom settings before joining the event:

Where will the event be held?

Hosted online over zoom. You’ll receive a zoom link 48 hours before the event via email.

What if someone wants to watch it with me?

There’s an option to buy a ticket for one person, or an option to buy a ticket for rooms for 2+ people (“General Admission Group”).

Is this porn?

The movie happens in your mind. You own it. It’s all yours. There’s no visual element – just erotic spoken word. The performers will be clothed (men might have their tops off and people might dress suggestively). No genitals are shown.

What are the “rules”?

Stories can’t include anything that’s against the law (bestiality, child porn, etc). However, other than that, nothing is off-limits – it’s up the imagination of the storyteller to share!

Is there a minimum age?

Yes – this is an 18+ event.