Feel the energy of this deeply sensual and playful opening!!

  • an intimate adventure 
  • deep dive into mysterious sensual energy
  • experience elegance at every turn
  • reveal what is behind your mask
  • private chef preparing your meals 
  • appointed team to curate your total experience
  • private erotic art display
  • activities to create a playful, erotic connection to yourself, your partner, and others as desired
  • gifts to prepare your coming and going from this experience

This private experience is limited to 6 couples. 

  • House address/Airbnb will be in the Dallas area and shared 2 weeks prior to the event.   
  • Arrival on Saturday, 11/9 from 12-1:30 pm. 
  • Departure on Sunday, 11/10 from 11:00am- noon. 

What will you experience?

  • Safe presence to explore sensual and erotic energy with your partner.  
    • Safe space also means support for the way that you desire to share with others.  This is about sensual and erotic…different than the act of sex.  This is not a sex party.  It is a place to expand your limitations in how you think, feel and consider sex in your life. 
  • A place to slow down, disconnect from the outside world of hurried traffic, endless media and constant demands on your time. 
  • Explore goallessness.  How many things in our lives are a means to an end?  This includes our sexual lives!  We will practice and play with the idea of infinite play. 
  • Creating connection to your partner in a way that is new, electric, playful and embodied!
  • Each couple will have a private conversation with Kim before the event to help determine your desires, boundaries, preferences and needs.  
  • Couples will also have the invitation to connect with Kim following the event to assist with facilitating what they have learned into their lives.  

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