Erotic Masquerade Experience

Feel the energy of this deeply sensual and playful opening!!

  • an intimate adventure 
  • deep dive into mysterious sensual energy
  • experience elegance at every turn
  • reveal what is behind your mask
  • private chef preparing your meals 
  • appointed team to curate your total experience
  • private erotic art display
  • activities to create a playful, erotic connection to yourself, your partner, and others as desired
  • gifts to prepare your coming and going from this experience

This private experience is limited to 6 couples. 

What will you experience?

  • Safe presence to explore sensual and erotic energy with your partner.  
    • Safe space also means support for the way that you desire to share with others.  This is about sensual and erotic…different than the act of sex.  This is not a sex party.  It is a place to expand your limitations in how you think, feel and consider sex in your life. 
  • A place to slow down, disconnect from the outside world of hurried traffic, endless media and constant demands on your time. 
  • Explore goallessness.  How many things in our lives are a means to an end?  This includes our sexual lives!  We will practice and play with the idea of infinite play. 
  • Creating connection to your partner in a way that is new, electric, playful and embodied!
  • Each couple will have a private conversation with Kim before the event to help determine your desires, boundaries, preferences and needs.  
  • Couples will also have the invitation to connect with Kim following the event to assist with facilitating what they have learned into their lives.  

One of my favorite moments was the circle dancing! Getting to see and feel the differences as well as the similarities with each other. I enjoyed dancing for the women.