The Brain Trapped

We are all born with an amazing ability to imagine.  It is why big purple dinosaurs, talking animals, and magical schools for wizards exist and attract young audiences.  Yet, somewhere along the way, a pruning occurs and much of the creativity and imaginative super powers fall to the side to make space for the required, need-to-know and correct answers.  This results in the reshaping of the human brain.  

As adults, we often find ourselves unable to create a thought that is out of the mainstream.  It feels unsafe to think or speak of something that is not verifiable.  It feels like social suicide to offer something unique or different.  We plod along, day after day, doing the same tasks, the job, driving the same route, eating the same foods, watching the same shows. Many will tell you that this is success, yet they are bored and will seek anything to make them feel something.    

This lack of imagination and willingness to think differently echoes in relationships. The boredom that comes with the same routine, same sex, same words, same dates, same meals, same arguments, same disconnect.  This creates tension or conflict at one end of the spectrum, complacency or boredom for many. The flip side of this issue is one of expansive awareness and growth in our mind-body connection.

Using our imagination, to explore emotions, thoughts and desires is becoming a lost skill.  Using the mind to share, create, perform or move, causes many to stop and wonder what the “right” answer would be.  It can create anxiety with the uncertainty and fear of getting it “wrong.” 

Mind-Body Freedom

What if the merger of imagination and feeling good could reset our brains?  What is possible if we could allow our minds, bodies and souls to actually feel?  If you knew that every day you woke up, you could know and plan for pleasure in your life, would you choose it?  The same way we shape our brain by cutting something out, we can retrain the brain with something new!  Our bodies are amazing and have capacities that many of us don’t even know!  

It is possible.  

It takes practice.  

It requires safety.  

It begins with awareness.

It starts with noticing and letting go of judgement. 

  Fantasy is an opportunity to connect to our deepest thoughts.  Do you relish the erotic daydreams when they occur?  Or do you push them away, maybe ashamed or riddled with guilt?  Some will even say that they don’t have any fantasies.  

Our sexual identity lives inside us. If we constantly push this part of us away, there is a denying of self.  Accessing and accepting your own fantasy is about relating to self first!  This is accessing the erotic intelligence in relationship to you!  Next are a number of considerations, like do I act on this one or not? How do I navigate what comes up for me?  How do I share with a partner?  

We can daydream, write, read, listen.  Creating safe space for the sharing of fantasy is the intention of the Erotic Tales event. Erotic fantasy is a thought playground for adults!  An adult that can fantasize, has a healthy dose of “what if” in their narrative.  This sharing can foster intimacy with others, especially close partners.  The other important piece is the healing that is available when one can not only share, but also hear other stories. Erotic Tales is an event that hosts writers who perform their fantasy for a curated audience. The purpose of the event is to create awareness of our erotic daydreams, find safe and healthy space to contribute, and to create more intimacy with self and, possibly, with others.

As adults, when we think about our sexuality, many are unsure how to hold the sensation of stories that are different, kinky, or challenge our definitions of what is normal.  Most of us have overwhelming thoughts and judgements of these erotic stories.  Yet, these are the very pieces in our mind that can light us up, turn us on, break the boredom, the mundane, the complacent.  

Fantasy is an excellent way to explore emotions that are accessible in our minds! The writing, telling or reading of the story offers a clarity that aids in crystallizing what is possible and what will remain a thought in our own minds. Erotic intelligence is the merger of mind and body, the connection in yourself.

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