The beginner tantric puja event opened each of us in different ways!  As each person arrived, there was a mix of uncertainty, curiosity and nervous laughter.  Everyone visited, introducing themselves and munched while watching others out of the corner of the eye.

As the opening circle began, the energetic layers began to peel off.  The intimacy veil that people tend to hold, partly to protect themselves, and partly to hide behind, begins to lower. This is one of my favorite parts of the evening!  I am witness to the human spirit of strangers in a room, choosing to be there because they want MORE! 

Some know exactly what they want.  Some are hesitant to speak about their fears, desires.  Many have never had the opportunity to share without judgement or shame.  As each round of prompts are answered, the energetic veils in the room begins to soften, to open, to drop away.  

In this tantric puja space, they allow me to hold, to guide, to share, to witness.  It is pure beauty!  Transformation happens over the course of a few hours.  

As the evening closes, the bright eyes, the curling smiles, the open hearts, gather their things and slowly make their way towards the door.  Voices are animated and lilting, arms are stretched open for embraces, and eyes meet. The forgotten veil is no longer needed, for now.  

Such brave and gorgeous souls choose to create a different path for themselves with this work inside sacred sexuality!  I am grateful for this journey of tantric connection!

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