Finding a place out of darkness that you’ve never been before…
A soft, gentle, naked place.

Knowing that you are treading virgin territory.
More sacred than any service attended.

Gently peeling away the tape that has held a veil of darkness,
holding jagged pieces together as a false whole.

Dropping the soft downy blanket
that has provided comfort but in darkness.

Turning a small light on in the darkness
and noticing that you can suddenly see everything.

Turning the dial slowly towards the direction
where silence is no longer a choice.

Pulling your arms to protect yourself and realizing
someone else’s arms are around this raw, tender place.

Waiting for water to quench your thirst,
as if you have never tasted this liquid before.

Understanding that the carefully crafted version of you
no longer exists.

The regular, common gaze of eyes now feels
strangely different, frightening yet compelling.

A quiet voice whispers secrets of darkness
tentatively into the neck of a lover.

Normal everyday words of greeting
have a new level of meaning.

Tender partings that leave you wondering
what this place will feel like at reunion.

The light shining into the darkness
feels exposing yet warm.

Trusting that each person
is worthy.

Loving all the pieces,
even the darkest ones.

Honest love.

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