The most important relationship one has is with self.  The connection to your own mind, body and spirit creates the power to create and attract the connections with others. 

Through intimacy coaching, I can facilitate the process of looking inward to self.  The practice of embodied self love creates an energetic shift in humans. 

Discovering your personal power helps your to create relationships with others without losing your identity. 

My coaching provides as much support and witness as is needed to grow into the safe space of healing and growth in this area.


Intimate relating happens with anyone we are willing to open to be seen and heard.  Our connections with others range from family, friends, co-workers, social gatherings, even the cashier at the checkout line!

Keeping these relationships authentic means that we are able to show up our true selves, without pretending. 

Coaching helps to see where we are holding back from fear, judgement, resentment.  We can see where we react to others and learn to take care of self first. 

As an intimacy coach, I can provide tools  to assist in identifying and clearing the blocks that keep us from the connection with others in our lives.


I coach people seeking relationships and those in a relationship. 

This is the ultimate practice of intimacy, relating to a lover with mind, body and spirit.