How the Practice of Tantra is Changing Me

How many of us have some version of this following story lurking in our shadows?  How many of you have felt that tug of yearning for something different?  Who has uttered the words “there must be something more than this?”  These patterns, these questions, are exactly...

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Feeling is Healing

“Can’t go over it! Cant go under it! Have to go through it!” Words take from a verse in a popular children’s song, echo the exposing and opening process of healing the pain that we have stored in our bodies and minds over time.  Allowing ourselves to feel whatever...

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Hold Me, Touch Me

I close my eyes and recall the perfect embrace… Where he knew exactly what I needed when our eyes met from across the crowded room.  The feeling of being taken into the arms of a lover, wrapped up and held close enough to feel body heat, yet gentle enough to feel the...

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Replacing FEAR

First Step: Replacing Fear False Evidence Appearing Real:  FEAR. Truth Augmenting Growth:  TAG What is your TAG?  How can others see you?   Find you?   I recently started private swim lessons because I "was afraid of the water." To discover and live in a place of...

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