One Weekend: Two Goals

Have you ever dreaded going on a vacation?I do it often. I make plans for the chance to get away and as the time draws near, I begin to talk myself out of going.   I had a retreat with a group of friends this past weekend and I made some discoveries and changes that opened […]

I Love You

It has been just over three days. I keep checking the chat thread, just in case, there is a clue, a new word, a hidden message. The last words she shared with me are “Thank you Kim.  Love you.”  My dear friend passed this world a few days ago, unexpectedly and suddenly.  I have felt […]

Feeling and Healing

The tears move now, bubbling and gurgling up from deep inside.  The last evening we shared is a memory, the memorial service is complete and people physically move back into normal routines.  For me, it is time to release the emotions as the feelings envelope me. A lapse into my old patterns showed me how I […]

The Real Picture!

I love to run! Runners love to share information! I usually share statistics and excitement, occasionally sharing my injuries. I want to share with you the other side of my story, the real picture as a runner. The intention is to share a vulnerable glimpse of the parts that we don’t share. In the spirit […]

New Relationships!

There is a new member of our household and, this time, it is most certainly a girl!  She is a gorgeous 3 month-old, long-haired, gray with tan rescue kitty.  Her name is Remi!   Some fun details for you are as follows!  The outdoor kitty that adopted us was named Missy and was expecting kittens in […]

To Swim or Not to Swim?

I swam in the pool on Tuesday morning. Sounds fairly normal, right? It was an exercise in visualization that I learned in real time! I had listened to a podcast by David Neagle the previous evening. In this edition, The Power of Visualization, he narrated how he held a vision of returning to his home […]

Running from Napa to Sonoma: A Game-Changer

Moving from dread and obligation into joy created more than I expected! I sent race pictures to my coach for feedback and sat waiting for some technical observation of my running form, shoe evaluation or some advice on how to follow my training plan a bit more closely. His advice came back simply: “Smile more!” […]

Living With Desire

Living with my desire is a huge shift in purpose!  Desire was not the first thing I would usually consider.  And now, on a regular basis, I take into account what more I want to have and do in my life. The Progression of Desire In the beginning, I believed that it had to do […]

Simple, Not Easy: The Power of Yes and No

So many times, a simple question or a simple answer is powerful.  And the tendency is to make it difficult. One of the first and most powerful tenants of my orgasmic meditation practice is the answer is quite simply “yes” or “no.”

Look Up

  I remember my mom encouraging me to raise my head, walk tall, look up!  I remember preparing for performances and looking out over a dark audience.  I remember the first rides on a racing bike and my partner yelling from behind me to look up to avoid hitting pole markers. And, I remember walking […]