10 Tips to Find Happy During a Quarantine

finding happy

Humans need intimacy!

We live and thrive with connection to each other.

Yet, many of the current precautions are isolating us from this connection to help contain the novel coronavirus. It’s equally important for each of us to consciously be aware of what we need and to create a plan that keeps our bodies humming and healthy.

Our bodies make and utilize a number of hormones to keep us feeling good, better or best! Each body will require their own specific cocktail of touch, interaction and nourishment. These happy hormones are DOSE: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. There’s a lot of science behind how these interact. What I really want to share is some ideas for creating happiness and holding ourselves in the highest vibrational energy while the world navigates the coronavirus.

  1. Move your body! I love getting outside to run or walk. In fact, a friend of mine and I have planned to ride bikes or walk together outside when the weather allows during this time. There are super workouts and yoga videos on youtube and a couple of my faves are Yoga with Adriene and Qoya.
  2. Prepare and eat nutrient dense, whole, healthy food! Slow down, and anticipate the food that you are preparing. You are feeling the ingredients, smelling the cooking and watching the colors and dish come together. One of my favorite meal preps in to create colorful salads in wide-mouth mason jars. From the shelf in the frig, it is so easy and simple to grab a salad and eat from the jar, or serve into a large bowl.
  3. Find the humor and laugh! Read comics, share jokes! We have a roommate that is the queen of the meme and each day everyone laughs when the message is read. How about this idea from my dear friend who participates in a regular laughing yoga meditation. This website has different ways to access a practice.
  4. Feel the feels! Allow the tears to fall. Crying is a great way to release toxins, relieve stress, releases oxytocin and endorphins which can create relief and help with emotional or physical pain.
  5. Practice gratitude! There is plenty of evidence that gratitude helps to create happiness. It is also linked to intimacy, because when we express gratitude to someone, we are opening a way to be in connection to another person, while acknowledging something about the person.
  6. Get some sunshine! When the sun comes out, get as much of you exposed with no contacts or glasses, bare feet on the damp grass and take some deep breaths! The sun and the earth literally help us to charge up our battery. I try to do this with my bare feet inspecting my gardens with my coffee in hand, first thing in the day.
  7. If you live with others, and/or have furry pets, touch them! This, of course, should be balanced with risk of exposure. Hold hands, give hugs, ask for a massage, play with someone’s hair. Animals are super connectors and know when a human needs a donation of love and energy! If you don’t have other humans or pets, make it a practice to massage your own body. Give yourself hugs. I love the ritual of lotion or oil after bathing. You can turn on some music that sounds good, and massage and maybe even dance a bit!
  8. Connect over phone, messaging or even video conferencing with others, and find someone that can really hold the space for you to be seen and heard. In turn, we can hold space for others in the same way. As someone who works from home normally, this is crucial. I plan regular breaks to message or chat. I also have weekly coffee or lunch dates in order to meet people. In lieu of the face-to-face for a bit, use other means of connecting!
  9. Sing! In the shower, outside, anywhere! Singing has so many benefits. It can improve the immune system, help with depressive feelings, lower stress levels, create mental alertness.
  10. Commune with Earth! Play in the dirt, plant seeds and watch the miracle of life happen right before your eyes! It is a super way to create something to look forward and watch miracles.

So much of everyday life as normal is changing for now. These are ways that I stay connected, happy, healthy and well. Hope they help remind you of ways you enjoy, or possibly a new idea! Always choose what is best for you. If you have other ideas and suggestions, please reply and let me know! We are on the journey together, just in separate spaces.


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